Research Office (FOR)

Research Office (FOR)

Welcome at the KIT Research Office (FOR)

As a central service unit of KIT, we offer support towards the successful implementation of KIT’s research strategy.

We inform, counsel, and support our scientists and executive staff in the acquisition of research funding and the coordination of research projects.

Scientists are offered the following range of services by the Research Office:

  • We offer support in the  drafting of proposals for international funding, strategic alliances, other national funds, and funds granted under the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund.
  • FORscience will support you in drafting your project proposal and in managing your research project (all funding institutions, such as EU, DFG, Helmholtz, etc.).
  • The open4researh database lists current funding announcements under national and international programs as well as announcements relating to scientific awards.
  • If you wish to propose a colleague for a scientific award, we will assist you in preparing the documents and having it approved by the Executive Board.
  • YIN members can contact us for advice and planning assistance with regard to their career prospects at KIT.

Moreover, we support the structures established under Excellence Initiative I, namely, the Council for Research and Promotion of Young Scientists (CRYS) and the Competence Network.

We counsel the KIT’s Presidential Committee in matters relating to our research strategy and to program-oriented funding of the Helmholtz Association.

Our services are available to all employees of KIT. Hence, the information is supplied on the intranet only.


The Research Office (FOR) is represented on Campus South and Campus North.

You can reach us here