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FORscience proposal and project management
Cornelia Reimann Zumsprekel

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Projects coordinated by FORscience

Projects and proposals successfully assisted by FORscience

Current projects

Concluded projects

Submitted proposals

Testimonials of our clients


Current projects:

Funded by the European Union under Call H2020-ICT-24-2015 since 2016


"Scalable Rare Earth Ion Quantum Computing Nodes" funded by the European Union under Call FETFLAG-03-2018 coordinated by Prof. David Hunger (Physikalisches Institut). Funding october 2018 to september 2021.



Funded by the European Union under Call H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014 since 2015



Funded by the European Union under Call H2020-LCA-2016-2017 since April 2018




Funded by the BMBF on behalf of the strategy of the Federal Government for the internationalization of science and research since 2018


Concluded projects:


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-ENV-2013. Funding 2013-2018  www.dacciwa.eu


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2012


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2008


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2011-1


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-NMP-2012


Funded by the European Union under Call FP7-TRANSPORT-2012


Funded by the European Union under Call H2020-FOF-05-2015

StratP China

Funded by the DAAD in the programme line "A - Strategic Partnerships"





Submitted proposals

In the following calls:

  • BMBF „Kopernikus Projekte für die Energiewende“
  • BMBF „Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung“
  • BMBF „Hochschulforschung“
  • DFG Research (2 proposals)
  • FP7-ENV
  • FP7 und H2020-ICT (12 proposals)
  • FP 7 und H2020 ITN (8 proposals)
  • FP7-l Smart Cities
  • FP7-NMP /H2020-NMBP (7 proposals)
  • H2020-DRS (2 proposals)
  • H2020-FET (3 proposals)
  • H2020-FOF
  • H2020-INFRADEV
  • H2020-INFRAIA
  • H2020-ISSI
  • H2020-LCE
  • H2020-PHC
  • H2020-REFLECTIVE (2 proposals)
  • H2020-SFS

(June 2016)


Testimonials of our clients:



Projectmanagement EUMINAfab, FP7-Infrastructures 2009-2013
Susan Anson (STN):

„[…] A foresighted view to the preparation of Consortium management meetings and keeping track of deliverable targets is also appreciated. An independent yet at the same time cooperative approach results in a major reduction in workload and, it must also be said, stress for the project coordinator.“

Proposal management H2020-FETHPC-2014
Prof. Henning Meyerhenke:

“The support provided by FORscience during the preparation of our proposal contributed significantly to the fact that we completed and delivered our proposal on time and in a high quality. I highly recommend this service. Keep it up!”

Proposal management Federal-State-program for better study conditions
Vice President Wanner:

“FORscience has supported my staff in the strategic proposal with the BMBF for the Presidential Committee up to the submission in a competent and uncomplicated way. They always kept on top of the framework conditions. I can only recommend the services of FORscience.”

Proposal management H2020-REFLECTIVE-SOCIETY-2014
PD Dr. phil. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Böschen

"With FORscience on board, I as a scientist could focus entirely on the content of the proposal. They are not only highly proficient on the administrative side of the application process, but also in the targeted design of the relevant processes. This is an invaluable aid concerning the complexity and diversity of the ‘formality jungle’ of the funding agencies.”

Proposal and project management H2020-FOF-05-2015
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza

„It’s a challenge to manage big EU projects on a day-to-day basis as they need a lot of time and attending. FORscience helps us to keep our heads clear, so we can concentrate on research and innovation and ensure the project’s success in the long run.”

Proposal management proposal to establish DFG-RTG „Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces”

Prof. Dr. Roman Sauer

„FORscience did help us a lot with the funding proposal and on-site review preparation. Their individual text suggestions and ideas were especially helpful. We could go on working with them very well. I can only recommend the services of FORscience.”